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Jimi+Bernie | 'Back to Work' Program

Learn + Chillax

  • Age 12 - 19 years old.

  • Madre Lingua (English)

  • 25+ years experience teaching EFL to teenagers (and adults, in companies, universities, schools)

  • 20+ years experience running teenage study vacations abroad - in English

Summer holidays

Note: There are differences between Jimi+Bernie's Study Vacations and Eirlingua's Study Vacations. Both offer what students need and like... but in different ways.

Key times to note:
  • December: Available by email for any questions (or interest).

  • December: Information brochures.

  • December / January: Appointments

  • After Christmas - end of January: Bookings

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Jimi+Bernie | Professional Development + Upskilling

Culture Vultures

Because all language is based on culture and shaped by history, it is necessary to incorporate it when learning a language - embracing culture and being aware of culture in language.

Because teenagers pick up English much more easily than ever before, we point out and guide teenagers about how to use English properly and teach what to look out for and why.... because

... a little knowledge is dangerous.
... not all 'Englishes' are created equal.

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Find out how our English Language Programs and Language Assistance Services help you in business and at work even more.

Get away. Get English.

Jimi+Bernie | English Language Courses

You're in experienced hands.

We know teenagers. We know how to run great language schools.

A choice of course options.

General English

This is the standard course we offer to help give students lots of targeted practice, speaking and building solid competence in English.

Extra English

This is for students who want more specific skills - eg. certificate preparation.

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Jimi+Bernie | Certificate Preparation (English Language)

You're in expert hands.

Jimi+Bernie have extensive experience in preparing, teaching + examining at universities, schools, in companies + privately.

We have extensive experience in prepping, teaching + examining at universities, schools, in companies + privately.

We provide certificate preparation courses for:

  • Cambridge PET,

  • Cambridge FCE

  • Cambridge CAE

Minimum numbers and Language Skills Testing apply.

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