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This is EXACTLY what you have been looking for!  

We have created a range of English language competence-building programs + language services.

Language Services for Everyone • Business Professionals • Business

  • Upskill English + knowhow

  • Practise before you present

  • Use language properly

  • Proof-reading and Editing (emails, documents, proposals and whatever else you need us to rework for you)

  • Translations + Interpretation

  • Language Mediation


  1. All Consulting, Coaching, Workshops and Training are conducted in English so you... Get better English. Do better Business. Use language in the correct style + register.

  2. Language Mediation is the critical link between you and native and foreign English-speaking peers, colleagues, clients, suppliers, etc + companies come together... language mediation by a mother tongue (English).

  3. Professional Development. We help upskill you. Not just with learning and knowledge, but knowhow.

  • Practise through interviews, walkthroughs, Q+A

  • Job Shadowing

  • Walkthroughs > Proposals

  • Walkthroughs > Presentations

  • Walkthroughs > Interviews 

  • Culture / Style Awareness 

  • Purposeful, correct language

  • Proof-reading / editing: don't blow your first impressions 


  1. Personal Development Skills > Learn or improve your English • Get ready to travel or study / work abroad • Interview Q+A for your first job, next job, selection committee or to get into university, ...

  2. Study Vacations. In English. With madre lingua (English). Is there a better way to learn? Here in Italy with Jimi+Bernie. With our partner Eirlingua Language School (in Ireland). For Middle School + High School students.

  3. Language Translation Services

    Written Translation Services: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian)

    Spoken Translation: English > Italian • Italian > English

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You're in expert hands.

We have extensive experience in prepping, teaching + examining at universities, schools, in companies + privately. You're in great hands!

Courses in English

We have created a range of English language competence-building programs + language services.

All 100% tailored, dynamic courses.

  • Individual or group learning

  • For individuals, business professional, companies and students (from Middle School from 13 years of age to High School to University)

  • All levels • 'Zero'...A1 to C2

  • Courses: General English, Business English, Special Purposes, Writing Only, Speaking Only, Certificate Preparation 

Take lessons with us online, at our HQ or your company / educational premises.

Take your time, learn for life

  • Maintain your level or upskill

  • Go full immersion: targeted + fast! More hours! More often!!

  • Ongoing improvement

  • One-Off Requests

  • Project-Specific Programs 


You're in experienced hands! 

We have extensive experience in preparing, teaching + examining at universities, schools, in companies + privately. 

We customise our certification preparation courses - focusing you on where effort is needed most. 

  • Get official proof of your English

  • IELTS [General + Academic]

  • Cambridge [KET, PET, FCE, CAE, Proficiency]

  • Trinity [GESE, ISEII]

  • TOEFL [Main Suite] 

So many reasons why official certification of your competence in English is in your favour... 

  • Give yourself better opportunity

  • Upskill for that promotion

  • Get into the uni or course of choice

  • Study or work abroad

  • Immigration Pre-requisite

  • Be competitive

  • Or do it, just for you.

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Our careers are business + teaching + training. So naturally, we are in a good position to help you.

  • Consulting to coaching to work shopping 

  • Language mediation to professional skills assistance

  • Knowledge + knowhow

  • Job Shadowing

  • Training + Workshopping

  • Specific skills you need to master in English (eg. when using emails, the telephone, presenting, greeting in person, cultural awareness, style and tone)

We offer a range of targeted competence building programs in English: 

  • Courses in General English, Business English + Specialist (Technical) English

  • English Certificate Preparation Courses (IELTS • Cambridge • Trinity • TOEFL • BEC)

  • Upskilling in a variety of ways to help get better at work

  • Ongoing learning • One-off requests • Project-specific programs / workshops

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Back to Work programs

These programs are provided at significant a discount in our fees. This program is for you if you:

  1. Are long-term ex-employed

  2. Have 'No' English or 'low' English (in our opinion)

  3. Need help with job skills (eg. interviews, presenting yourself, how to talk about what you do / did, etc)

We design 100% individualised programs based upon your specific situation to help you get back into the workforce.

Best of all, we cover a significant part of the cost ourselves - so all you need to focus on is English and your future work... not money :)

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Translation Services

Written Translation Services (English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian)

Spoken Translation Services: English/Italian • Italian/English

  • Single page to document to complete publications.

  • Individual, business or public body.

  • Urgent turn-around time is available

  • Whatever you need. 

Language Mediation 
  • Where native English speakers and foreign English-speaking peers, colleagues, clients, suppliers, etc + companies come together... is where you need language mediation by a mother tongue (English).

  • When you also need more than language. You need know how + perspectives of experienced business managers, who are also mother tongue English.

We remove the confusion, ambiguity, mixed signals and nuances which can trip up even quite competent foreign speakers, or leave them open to (mis-) interpretation. Mistakes often risk being unnoticed or manipulated.

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