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However, we accept no liability or warranty for the currency, completeness nor accuracy of the contained material. We do not accept responsibility for the accuracy and currency of third-party content, including links to their websites and content.
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Jimi+Bernie accept no liability for email and/or electronic file content, nor the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided, unless it is subsequently confirmed by us in writing. The recipient should check any email, any attachments and/or files downloads for the presence of viruses.

Our company accepts no liability for any damage caused by any virus transmitted in emails, attachments, files downloaded from our site or that of third parties, extending to links to third parties.

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Privacy Policy
Jimi+Bernie respect your privacy and take the right to privacy very seriously. We will never sell any personal information you submit to us via this website, our email address(es) and/or our Facebook pages to third parties. We reserve the right to use your personal information for communication and marketing purposes only, in connection to our company's services.
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Payments  |  Quotations
All quotes from Jimi+Bernie are valid for 30 days from the date stated on the quotation unless otherwise stated. All prices exclude VAT/IVA... this will be additional, and will be shown costed out separately. All prices are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to change, update, add  and remove services from our price list and without notice.
Acceptance of a quotation means that you understand and agree that you have entered into a contract with Jimi+Bernie and that you are responsible for payment in full where we were not responsible for your failure to fulfil the terms of the contract. This means that you are obligated to pay the full cost of the contract accepted regardless of whether or not you actually complete the course within the allotted time or otherwise, and regardless of whether or not the terms of the contract have not been met due to your liability. This includes but is not limited to when the failure to complete a course and/or deploy our services is due to your part. 

Payment may be made in full at the time of engaging the quotation, within 30 days from engaging the quotation, or as per the pro-rated conditions, whichever is applicable and as specifically stated in the quotation and/or contract. All prices quoted do not include VAT. Registration fees where applicable must be paid prior to commencement of courses and are not refundable nor transferable. Conditions for payment of consultancy or translation work will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, and all work you contract Jimi+Bernie to do must be remunerated.

Exceptions to our payment terms may be made in extenuating circumstances only. However, this is solely at the discretion of Jimi+Bernie and which we are under no obligation to offer.

Additional fees apply for each 30-day instance of late payment.