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Possibly you've heard of us. Or even know us. What you may not realise is how VERSATILE we are.  |  Consulting. Training. English. Translations... and more.
Jimi  |  Australia
Bernie  |  Ireland
C O N S U L T I N G    |    L A N G U A G E    |    C U L T U R A L   S E R V I C E S
Our philosophy is a simple, but important, one.
We not only help you. We help you help yourself.
We offer something our competition can't... us.
JIMI+BERNIE offer an enviable combination of
unique professional competences, experiences
AND perspectives.
Strengthened by our professional backgrounds
in business management, the corporate world +
the foreign language industry, we believe in our
uncompromising work ethic, cultural awareness
and respect; we believe in our commitment and
language competence, and, our know-how... all
of which enables us to offer you more.
Consulting, Language and Cultural Services.
All tailor-made.
We are committed to our clients... by identifying
your needs, improving capabilities and growing
knowledge and experiences through meaningful relationships... whether you're a company, group
or individual.
Above all, we treasure our very carefully-managed
reputation and accomplishments.
So you will discover that there is no doubt we value focused  results... and real solutions.
Our uniqueness is your unique advantage.
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