Everything you need to feed confident, and be competent.

What to say (and what not to say)

How to say it (and how not to say it)

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  • When you need to pay special attention to your English in your work + the workplace
  • When you have good enough English, but the situation requires great English.
We have plenty of experience in business - and in English in business.
We are consultants, workplace trainers + both teachers + examiners of English with vast experience to help you.
General competence-building
Specialised one-to-one programs
Departmental | Inter-departmental
Case-by-case programs
Some of the workplace-based services we offer in English.
  • Presentations
  • Reports, Emails
  • Meetings
  • Negotiations
  • Company Visits
  • Small Talk
  • US vs UK English
  • Cultural Awareness
  • International Travel
  • Job Interviews
We are examiners of English and teachers  of English in companies, institutions or in our own studio on the baluardo.
We have extensive experience with all levels of language learners + within a variety of business environments - delivering a range of tailored solutions.