Jimi + Bernie | Upskilling for business

Whether you direct, manage, own or work for a company. Whether you are looking for work or you are changing jobs.

We believe in a 360° approach to developing competence in the workforce, the workplace, and the professional skills of individuals.

Here are just some of the ways we help you help yourself.

Upskill staff, management +the labour force
> Relevant competence in English

On-the-job Training
> More effective, efficent workplace
> Work-specific training in English
> Workgroups, departmental, one-to-one

100% Tailored English Programs
> General | Business | Specialised English
> Speaking + Written Communicative Skills
> Travel, Negotiations, Presenting

> English Certification Preparation
Skype On-Demand
> Build speaking competence
> Continue on with business abroad
> Improve your communication in meetings
Upskill yourself: in business + English.
> Be ready for business + your job
> confidence in business + English
We are both teachers + examiners of English with vast experience to help you.
> Develop accurate, competent English
Communicate with i
+ appropriately
> Get certified - or interested for life
As experienced business professionals, we help you manage your current or future job, competently and confidently.
> Job Interview Preparation + Practice
> Fast-tracking you in your new job
> On-the-job coaching: