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We value the importance of education, and the opportunities that quality, relevant education offers - whatever the sector - education, banking, health, manufacturing, etc.

We have extensive experience as educational professionals - both here in Italy and abroad - as teachers, trainers, examiners, assessors and designers of didactic programs.

We are business professionals - experienced in collaborating with companies and clients to manage communication, competence and confidence in conducting business more effectively. In English.

| English Programs + Certification

| On-the-job training + workshops

| Presentations: analysis + suitability

| Client-culture appropriateness

| Language Mediation

360° English Programs
| General, Business, Specialised
| Conversation Classes
| Instructional Workshops

| English Certificate Preparation

Training > Workplace, Workgroups

| One-to-one OTJ training

| Department; Inter-Department

Translations > Written + Spoken

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Jimi+Bernie have extensive hands-on experience as madre lingua (English) professionals: in middle school, high school and university.

We develop programs specifically designed to deliveryour didactic obligations, and most importantly, we redesign the programs on an ongoing basis to best meet learners' didactic needs as they progress and change throughout the program.

We have a long-proven track record in achieving outstanding results in English programs, training + design.

| Teaching + designing courses
| Certificate preparation:
IELTS, Cambridge, Trinity, TOEFL
| Teacher training + upskilling
| CLIL Teaching + Training Courses
| Selectors (English language) for
  Master dei Talenti +