Possibly you've heard of us. Or even know us. What you may not realise is how VERSATILE we are.  |  Consulting. Training. English. Translations... and more.



Our philosophy is a simple, but important, one.
We not only help you. We help you help yourself.

We offer something our competition cannot... JIMI + BERNIE offer an enviable combination of unique professional competences, experiences AND perspectives.
Our professional backgrounds are in business management, the corporate world and the foreign language industry. We believe in our uncompromising work ethic, cultural awareness and respect. We believe in our commitment and language competence, and, our know-how... all of which enables us to offer you more.

All tailor-made.

We are committed to our clients... by identifying your needs, improving capabilities and growing knowledge and experiences through meaningful relationships... whether you're a company, group or individual.

Above all, we treasure our very carefully-managed reputation and accomplishments.

You will discover that we value focused results... and real solutions.

Our uniqueness is your unique advantage.